Apr 20, 2014

This Shabbat: a CNS Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Jay Michaelson!

We will have three opportunities to learn from Rabbi Michaelson during this special Shabbat:

1) Erev Shabbat (Friday Night), as part of RelishDavening (5:30) and Dinner (6:30, catered by Liz Creditor and Lara Hornbeck) $12 for adults // $10 for kids // $45 max/family -- Please RSVP if attending Dinner to Daniel at office@netivotshalom.org!
Rabbi Michaelson's talk during dinner will be: "Evolving Dharma: How the "Meditation Revolution" is Changing Judaism." By now, it's not unusual for American Jews to meditate, to do so in Jewish contexts, and to mix and match among Jewish, Buddhist, and other forms. But how do we get beyond 'Meditation 101' and get serious about personal and social transformation? How does the current 'meditation revolution' impact how we think about Jewish practice? And how can we tailor our practice to specific, achievable goals?
2) Yom Shabbat (Shabbat morning), Rabbi Michaelson will deliver the drasha 
during Netivot Shalom's Shabbat davening.

3) After Birkat haMazon Learning with Rabbi Michaelson: "Discriminating in the Name of Religion: What You Need to Know
 If you've followed the news, you know that the latest tactic to limit the rights of women, LGBT people, and others is the use of "religious exemptions."  Companies say they shouldn't have to provide contraception insurance because their owners don't believe in it. Hotels and banquet halls say they should be able to turn away gay people.  Where did this new assault come from?  In this unusual social justice text study, we will learn, interactively, about the history and theology of this movement, and understand what we can do to be aware of and combat it. 
About Rabbi Jay Michaelson
Rabbi Jay Michaelson is an author, activist, and academic, currently a Visiting Scholar at Brown University, Director of the LGBT Global Rights Initiative at the Democracy Council, a Fellow at Political Research Associates, Associate Editor of Religion Dispatches magazine, and a weekly columnist for the Forward newspaper.
Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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The world we all see will only become the world we all need when each one of us pauses, takes turns describing to another the world we each long for, and if we then commit to building that collective dream, grander than any one of us has the capacity to imagine alone.

Apr 17, 2014

Visit the Toledo Blade page and tell them to cancel Ted Nugent's appearance at their festival.

the moment of noise starts now. a FB flashmob. join in, be heard. Visit the Toledo Blade page and tell them to cancel Ted Nugent's appearance at their festival. Certainly, nothing goes worse with family fun than the virulently racist rhetoric of a man who has no regard for the dignity or rights of others. https://www.facebook.com/thetoledoblade

this is what i wrote on the Toledo Blade page: "I'm an American faith leader, and I'm asking you to cancel Ted Nugent's appearance at your festival. His brand of hatemonger-ing tears at the fabric of our nation. We need better, and you deserve dignity, not shame."

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