Aug 26, 2009

Honey for Rosh Hashana (Harvested at Creekside Apiary in Wildcat Canyon)

Honey for a Sweet New Year.  Delicious local honey is available for Rosh Hashana (and beyond).  The Netivot Shalom Preschool is offering charming glass bear jars filled with this special treat harvested at Creekside Apiary in Wildcat Canyon adjacent to Tilden Park.  Buy them ($18/jar) for your own enjoyment or as a New Year's gift for friends or family. The honey will be available for pick up at Netivot Shalom from September 10-17th.  To place your order, e-mail Anna at and let her know how many jars you'd like us to prepare for you.   This is a great way to both support the CNS Preschool and sweeten your holiday season!

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The Doctor's Torah: A Poem

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