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This Sunday at 11am: Healing Service with Rabbi Mimi Weisel and Gerri Levitas

Healing Service
with Rabbi Mimi Weisel and Gerri Levitas
Sunday, December 20, 2009 from 11:00am - 12:00 noon
Congregation Netivot Shalom

Are you, or someone you love fighting an illness?  Are you caring for someone who is ill?  Have you lost a loved one?  Are you going through emotional difficulties?  Consider coming to the Netivot Shalom Healing Service where you will be surrounded by warm and caring people who will understand what you are experiencing.  Healing Services are our effort to assist the needs of all people who are ill, dealing with grief or loss, or caring for an ill person. The function of a healing service is to allow individuals to connect through prayer, song, poetry and communal sharing. While each person comes to the healing service as an individual, there is a collective synergy that takes place; an ensuing collective healing occurs that is extraordinarily moving.  This provides a deep sense of support, solace and hope for all in attendance.   

All are welcome. The healing service will be facilitated by Rabbi Mimi Weisel and Gerri Levitas. Even if you are not in direct need at this moment, come and experience the power of sharing your support with others - you are guaranteed to feel better than you did before you arrived - uplifted and renewed.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditorfor Landingham & Kaepernick, our angels in the wings
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