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WOW ראש חודש כסליו Rosh Chodesh Kislev

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חברות יקרות,
הינכן מוזמנות לתפילת ראש חודש כסליו ביום שני ה-8 לנובמבר בשעה 7:00 בעזרת הנשים של הכותל. ובהמשך, קריאה בתורה בקשת רובינזון.
מצטרפות אלינו בפעם הראשונה? נשמח להכיר אתכן. אל תשכחו להביא סידור.
נשות הכותל תשמחנה אם תצטרפו אלינו לכיבוד קל  לאחר הקריאה בתורה בקשת רובינזון, תרומה מלינור בוהם,לכבודם של מרג'ורי ושרלין סיידל.
נשות הכותל


You are invited to join us this Monday, November 8th for morning prayers on Rosh Chodesh Kislev. Our prayer service begins at 7:00 AM on the women's side of the Kotel, followed by our Torah service at Robinson's Arch.
Is this your first time joining us? Introduce yourselves to us! Please remember to bring your own prayer book.
Join us for light refreshements after our Torah service, sponsored by Lenore Bohm in honor of Marjory Kaplan and Charlene Seidle and the work they do to enhance the good name of the Jewish People.

To our supporters who are not in Israel and cannot join us at the Kotel, you can still be involved!
In your congregation this Shabbat, with the announcement of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, please recite the prayer below and ask your congregations to sign on to the Statement of Support for Women of the Wall on our website:
  • Rabbis can sign on here
  • Cantors can sign on here
  • Organizations can sign on here
  • Individuals can sign on here

On Rosh Chodesh Kislev, November 7-8 2010, we commemorate the arrest of Nofrat Frankel at the Kotel, one year ago.

A year ago, the struggle of Women of the Wall became undeniably clear when Nofrat Frankel was arrested with a Torah and Tallit at the Kotel. The year that has passed since has brought with it more monthly restrictions and intimidation from the police and more restrictive regulations created by the administrator of the Western Wall. But the past year has also brought with it overwhelming outcry and support for this important issue. We must continue to raise our voices in support of Women of the Wall and women's rights to pray freely out loud and with the Torah and Tallit at the Kotel.

Please honor the one year anniversary of Nofrat Frankel's arrest at the Kotel by rising and reciting the following prayer:

Prayer for Women of the Wall

May it be your will, our God and God of our mothers and fathers, to bless this prayer group and all who pray within it: them, their families, and all that is theirs, together with all women's prayer groups and all the women and girls of Your people Israel. Strengthen us and turn our hearts to serve You in truth, reverence, and love.

May our prayer be as desirable and acceptable before You as the prayers of our holy foremothers Sarah, Rivkah, Rahel, and Leah.

May our song ascend to Your Glorious Throne in holiness and purity, like the song of Miriam the Prophet and Devorah the Judge, and may it be as a pleasant savor and sweet incense before You.

And for our sisters, all the women and girls of Your people Israel: let us merit to see their joy and hear their voices raised before You in song and praise. May no woman or girl of Your people Israel or anywhere else in the world be silenced ever again. God of Justice, let us merit justice and salvation soon, for the sanctity of Your name and the restoration of Your world, as it is written: Zion will hear and be joyful, and the daughters of Judah rejoice, over Your judgments, O God. And as it is written: For Zion's sake I will not be still and for Jerusalem's sake I will not be silent, until her righteousness comes forth like great light and her salvation like a torch aflame.

For Torah shall go forth from Zion and the word of God from Jerusalem. Amen, selah.

Prayer by Rahel Jaskow is from Women of the Wall: Claiming Sacred Ground at Judaism's Holy Site, copyright 2003 by Phyllis Chesler and Rivka Haut. Permission granted by Jewish Lights Publishing, Woodstock VT,


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