Apr 2, 2011

A 'Hadran' Misheberach Upon Completing the Writing of a Sefer Torah

A "Hadran" Misheberach Upon Completing the Writing of a Sefer Torah
(C) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
for Soferet Julie Seltzer

Misheberach Avoteinu Avraham Yiztchak veYa'akov, ve'Imoteinu Sarah Rivkah, Rachel, veLeah – May the One who blessed our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, bless this scribe who has, through the commitment of her heart, devotion of her soul, and skill of her hands, invited us to

return to Torah,
turn with Torah,
and turn Torah over and over again.

Please, God, sweeten the words of Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all people. May we all, old and young, touch the Sacred and be preserved and strengthened.

We thank You, Adonai, for the privilege of experiencing the overflowing well of Torah, and for the sweetness of those who give it life.

May this Soferet, our friend and teacher, be blessed to do her work in this world experiencing abundant safety, security, and love.

May she only know the grace she bestows on her People Israel, her community who needs her gift so very deeply.

May we all learn and love Torah, even more than we already did.


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