May 23, 2013

A Prayer in Memory of a Parent with Mental Illness

A Prayer in Memory of a Parent with Mental Illness
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Dear God,

It's been some time since
my father/mother died,
and my soul isn't yet at peace.

Maybe that just takes time.

It wasn't always easy.
Your Image isn't always easy to see,
Your Spirit sometimes hidden.
deep within a person.
Maybe it's trapped, and lost.

My parent, _______, didn't have an easy life,
and because of what is true about their mind and body,
neither did I.
But I turn to You today, 
knowing that what troubled my parent's mind and body 
doesn't trouble them any more.

I thank You, God, 
for the journey that I continue to lead,
knowing that in my mother's/father's heart,
it is what she/he wanted for me,
even if I never heard that wish
from their lips.

May my mother's/father's memory 
lead to blessing,
and may my actions
be worthy of that blessing.


Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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