Aug 22, 2013

haYom Harat Olam // Today the World is Born: a Kavannah

haYom Harat Olam // Today the World is Born: a Kavannah
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

God, we stand waiting for a world, this world, our world to be reborn. It's not a statement we make lightly; it is a statement of need. This world needs rebirthing. Our hearts need deep healing. Our lives need rebuilding after all the pointless deaths we've endured this past year. Dear God, Guns and violence have destroyed tens of thousands of lives in America this year. Tens of thousands. We call to You, Adonai, and beg that you stand in Din, in Judgment, of our carelessness and our callousness at the senseless, avoidable loss of many human lives. We call to you, Adonai, to infuse our souls with Chesed, Your Love, so that we really start to cry out from the pain our nation has endured for far too long. May we be inspired by You and act to save many, many lives this coming year. We know, I know, that only then will we be worthy of a world reborn. 

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