Fwd: A New Face Leads Mah Tovu this Shabbat!!! Welcome Jeffrey Davidowitz!!!

Mah Tovu: A CNS Minyan Just for Kids
welcomes Jeffrey Davidovitz this Shabbat! 
Jeffrey is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley and grew up across the bay in Marin County. He has worked with children ranging from fourth grade to freshman year in high school during his time at Congregation Kol Shofar and three years on staff at Camp Ramah in California. Jeffrey wants to help lead a fun and educational service as part of Mah Tovu on Shabbat mornings and is looking forward to a new home at Netivot Shalom. At Cal he likes playing Intramural Basketball and cooking.

CNS Library
K-6th Grade
Let's all go to Mah Tovu! It's fun for me and fun for you!
Mah Tovu is a weekly Shabbat service led by Eliana Kissner orJeffrey Davidovitz. For K-6th graders to come and learn how to daven and have a service just for kids.
For more information or want to volunteer, please contact Molly Shapiro at molly@netivotshalom.org

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