An invitation to rabbinic colleagues to join Rabbis Against Trump (this letter is intended only for rabbis - if you have one in your life, please share it with them)

Dear Rabbi Colleagues (this letter is intended only for rabbis - if you have one in your life, please share it with them),

I'm honored to have been an original signatory to the Rabbinic letter organizing & supporting Rabbis Against Trump, and I invite you to add your name and spirit to the work.  The purpose of Rabbis Against Trump is to raise an ethical Jewish opposition to the Trump campaign -- and the possibility of a Trump Presidency -- in a clear, courageous, and unequivocal voice.

We hope that when this frightening chapter in our country's political history is over, people will say that people of conscience from a wide range of communities led the fight to reject this hate-filled campaign -- and that the Jewish community made a noticeable contribution to that effort.

We plan to take action in the following ways:
  • bringing public attention to Jewish opposition to Trump through earned media
  • responding to opportunities where rabbis have the opportunity to take public direct action 
  • sharing resources and language 
  • other actions the group may choose to take
I invite you to join this important group of Rabbinic leaders. Here is the link to the letter: Here is the form for signing up:

Hamon Todah, Much Gratitude,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Rabbi, Congregation Netivot Shalom
Chair, Rabbis Against Gun VIolence (#RAGV)

To join Rabbi Creditor's email list, send a blank email to!

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