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(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Bernie Sanders is a pure voice, a compelling visionary. Who didn't build a caucus of allies during his decades in Congress. Criticism of him, however undesirable it is for his supporters, is just as objective as the slings and arrows his campaign is actively slinging at Clinton.
Moreso, the harm Bernie's campaign will cause millions if he weakens the obvious Democratic nominee when she faces a hateful demagogue in the general election calls for a robust reaction, before it is too late. His campaign has run its course, and his message will continue to be influential. But he is not the leader we need.
As Jewish tradition puts it: "A wise person is preferable to a prophet." We know that prophets might have been right and pure, but their inability to bring people along is what made the doom they saw even more inevitable, and why Judaism has always tempered expectations and insisted upon grounded leaders.
We dare not allow our yearning for a perfected vision (Sanders) to make darkness (Trump) more likely when a strong, effective - and yes, wonkish - and well-qualified candidate (Clinton) is a viable and worthy option.
It is time to unify, step forward, and get out the vote, for the sakes of so many.

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To Kneel [a #Poem]

To Kneel 

(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditorfor Landingham & Kaepernick, our angels in the wings
Sometimes, it isn't about nuance.
Sometimes it just comes down to facing the storm,
calling God out,
standing at the center of a whirlwind
holding your ground.

No cathedral is immune to agony,
no soul impervious to life itself no nation purely noble.
If it were any other way,
there would be no need for cathedrals
in the first place.

Kneel,  stand,  sit,  rise up.

To kneel is
to submit  to lower oneself  to step down  to pause.
To kneel is to call attention  to touch the Earth's face to listen to those  whose blood saturates  the very roots of our story.
To kneel is to step aside  to step outside  to invite others to come closer  to remember.
To kneel is not to stand not to stand not to stand idly by.
Speak your truth,
God damn it.

That's what God wants most of all.

Then There Will Be Enough" - A reflection on this week's #Torah Portion. #toldot #life #wisdom