Aug 20, 2017

These Hallowed Fields: An Intention for Camp Ramah

These Hallowed Fields: An Intention for Camp Ramah
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Many generations of souls have played here, learned here, grown here. Some never leave. Friends, mentors, loves - this holy place has been home for thousands and thousands.

For me, it's been a Berkshires, Nyack, Ojai, Palmer, Monterey journey. My grandmother, parents, sisters, and children have known this summer air, sing these holy songs, feel this Jewish pride. It is real and it is magic.

May the power of Ramah continue spreading throughout the world, one whole person at a time.

May these shining, happy young faces know that their hearts are connected to a tradition born of educator-dreamers, made real by thousands of grateful others.

May the joy and love of Ramah, carried by these lucky children and adults, influence their communities, and through those blessed communities, the world.

Thank You, Holy One, for the gift of this holy place.

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