USCJ Strategic Planning Draft

Shalom Chevreh,

For those who haven't received the USCJ email regarding the Strategic Planning Draft released today, it is pasted below.  Here, also, are links to 2 articles that have begun to discuss it:
kol tuv,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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The links below will connect you to the working draft of the strategic plan of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, an executive summary of the draft, and a letter introducing the draft from the strategic planning commission's co-chairs.

Now that this draft is being officially released, we will be embarking on a month long schedule of events to vet this draft with members of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism across the country. For more information on where and when we will be vetting the draft, please visit the USCJ website, or click this link:

We hope you will join us in person or electronically at one of these events.

If you have any comments about this draft, please send them to, so that we can bring your thoughts and comments back to the strategic planning commission for review.

Thank you and B'shalom,

Rabbi Steven Wernick
Executive Vice President and CEO

Richard Skolnik
International President

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