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Resources for "Swimming the Sea of Reeds" with Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Josh Kornbluth

"Slavery Is a Love Song" by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Recently he has been writing about a fascinating-sounding book, Bound for Canaan, about the Underground Railroad.  Of course, my reading of Exodus brings with it much thinking (and feeling) about the American slavery experience, as well as the almost unthinkable situation you recently observed in Ghana (and so much else).  In a recent blog item -- provocatively, and beautifully, titled "Slavery Is a Love Song" (

Freedom: The Promise And The Challenge -- "Freedom to observe, freedom to neglect," in the words of one 19th-century rabbi, by Samuel G. Freedman (

Negative and Positive Freedom -- "We are called on daily to "proclaim liberty throughout the land." by Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels (

a beautiful chassidic comment on the sea of reeds:
from reb shlomo carlebach z'l: Rav Aaron Karliner says a beautiful Torah: When God said to the Red Sea: “You are going to split open for the Jews”. The Sea said to God: “Can You show me the Jews that I’ll be splitting open for?” God showed it the Jews the way they looked in heaven. They looked holy and beautiful and clean. When the Sea saw the Jews standing before it, looking so tired and so broken, it said: “These are not the people I am supposed to split open for!” It was so hard to convince the Sea that those were the people.

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To Kneel [a #Poem]

To Kneel 

(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditorfor Landingham & Kaepernick, our angels in the wings
Sometimes, it isn't about nuance.
Sometimes it just comes down to facing the storm,
calling God out,
standing at the center of a whirlwind
holding your ground.

No cathedral is immune to agony,
no soul impervious to life itself no nation purely noble.
If it were any other way,
there would be no need for cathedrals
in the first place.

Kneel,  stand,  sit,  rise up.

To kneel is
to submit  to lower oneself  to step down  to pause.
To kneel is to call attention  to touch the Earth's face to listen to those  whose blood saturates  the very roots of our story.
To kneel is to step aside  to step outside  to invite others to come closer  to remember.
To kneel is not to stand not to stand not to stand idly by.
Speak your truth,
God damn it.

That's what God wants most of all.

Then There Will Be Enough" - A reflection on this week's #Torah Portion. #toldot #life #wisdom