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Don't Remain Silent! Im Tirtzu is attacking the New Israel Fund! Make a gift to #NIF today!

It's happening again. Im Tirtzu is attacking the New Israel Fund because of our support for Israeli human rights groups.

Four years ago, Im Tirtzu used a noxious caricature of then-NIF president Naomi Chazan (in billboards, placards, and newspaper ads) as the centerpiece of an expensive campaign to discredit NIF. Our "crime?" We supported Israeli human rights groups who monitored the IDF's conduct during a time of war.

Here's a photo from a demonstration they held opposite Naomi Chazan's home:

You and I know the truth: Strong democracies are built on checks and balances. Human rights groups are a key check on the government's exercise of power. And that check is all the more important during times of war.

Now Im Tirtzu is placing ads in American Jewish papers with a new attack.

Their strategy is transparent: Attack NIF during the most important fundraising month of the year. Every year, NIF raises one-third of our budget in December.

But they don't know you. And they don't know the thousands of other NIF supporters I'm emailing right now. We're never afraid to stand up for our values. And we will not be intimidated.

Show Im Tirtzu that their smears only make us more determined. Make a donation to NIF right now.

These ads are just one in a series of efforts to undermine democracy in Israel:

* In the midst of last month's fighting, one Knesset Member led a chant at a pro-war rally in Tel Aviv -- "the people demand…expel all leftists!"

* An effort is underway to deny representation in the next Knesset to Arab citizens. One Likud-Beiteinu MK has filed a request that Israel's Central Elections Committee ban two Arab parties from running for re-election.

* Early yesterday morning a monastery in Jerusalem that dates back to the 11th century was vandalized apparently by right-wing thugs seeking to pressure the Israeli government to be more supportive of their radical pro-settlement agenda.

NIF is committed to fighting this extremism. And every day we see the impact of this work: on civil rights, on women's rights, on religious pluralism, on social justice. Together, we are saying yes to a better Israel.

Keep Israeli democracy resilient. Donate to NIF today.

Thank you.

Daniel Sokatch

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