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Blessing for Learning Torah (melody by Rabbi David Paskin)

This is the traditional blessing for Learning Torah sung to a melody by Rabbi David Paskin. It is recited as an introduction to the Torah Service at Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley. For more of Rabbi Paskin's Teachings, visit!


(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

We are who we are,
but we are also not.
The sneakers we wear,
the earnings, the haircuts -
each truly nothing more than a mask.
Look past those things,
into the soul of each person.
You will find that we are each
everyone who has ever been.

Rabbi Andrew Sacks in Jpost: "Evading service or serving God?"

Jpost: "Evading service or serving God?" Rabbi Andrew Sacks, Director of the Masorti [Conservative] Movement's Rabbinical Assembly in Israel (the organization of Masorti/Conservative rabbis) and the Masorti Movement's Bureau of Religious Affairs. Much of the Zealously Orthodox, non-Zionist,  Yeshiva world in Israel would appear to be populated by those who may study the words of the Torah but who invest time and effort avoiding its commandments.  How could I make such an outrageous statement? Allow me to make my case. The Torah seems quite clear that in the event of war (i.e. when there is a need for conscription) only a very few were to be relieved of military duty. The Book of Deuteronomy (chapter 20) states that but four categories of people were to be exempted in a time of war. These included the person who has built a home and not yet dedicated it; one who has planted a vineyard but not yet enjoyed its f…

WOW Rosh Hodesh Adar

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