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Come Pray Together Tonight - Minyan Lev Shalem, Prayer with a Whole Heart

Come Pray Together at Shul Tonight

Minyan Lev Shalem, Prayer with a Whole Heart

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Iyyar , 5773  // April 19, 2013 

Dear Friends, 


Being together as a community is always precious. And after this week, gevalt.


Davening begins at 7pm tonight. Please come. Come in your jeans. Come in your pajamas. Come if you know the words by heart. Come if you don't know any Hebrew. Just being together is important, and prayer can hold us. This week has been a tough one, and isn't quite over yet. Boston, the Senate, Campus, Watertown. That's quite a list of hurts for us all to endure. 


So come tonight for some comfort and community. Sing a bit, cry a bit, pray a bit. Just being together will be more than enough.


Jewish tradition teaches that Shabbat is a taste of the World to Come. I have no idea what that really means. All I know is that a

rabbi creditor

 taste of the World to Come will be much, much sweeter if we taste it together.


Looking forward to sharing Shabbat,

Rabbi Creditor

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