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Mayors Against Illegal Guns: We're driving our bus to Capitol Hill

The No More Names bus tour is heading to Washington, D.C., Congress is coming back from summer recess, and we're going to make sure gun violence prevention is a top priority in this legislative session.

We're going to fly in some of the amazing people we've met at No More Names events all across the country -- including gun violence survivors, family members of victims, law enforcement officers, faith leaders, community organizers, and elected officials. They'll join us as the bus rolls up to Capitol Hill, and together we'll demand action from our members of Congress.

Can you help make this our biggest event so far by making a donation of $33 or more to fund the No More Names fly in?

This is going to be an event our nation's lawmakers can't ignore. And the most important part is the voices of supporters like you from more than 20 states we've visited who will be making the trip and meeting with their elected officials.

That's why your donation is so critical. The more you give, the more supporters we can bring to DC to make sure Congress hears that an overwhelming majority of Americans demand action to reduce gun violence.

Click here to bring the No More Names bus tour to Washington, D.C.:

This is going to be big.

Thanks for making it happen,


Mark Glaze
Executive Director
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

P.S. -- To get the latest news on the No More Names bus tour and read about our amazing events in dozens of states, visit You can see photos and videos of dozens of supporters who will be flying in to Demand Action from Congress on September 19th.

P.P.S. -- If you'd like to come to D.C. to join us, you can RSVP for the national event here.

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