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Fwd: CNS Board Update - Adar II 5774 (Mar 2014) - Board Update

CNS Building
Looking to Get Involved and Connect with your community??

The door is always open!


Want to connect and get involved with your Netivot Shalom community?


Contact our AWE (Attract, Welcome & Engage) Committee Co-Chairs Claudia Valas, Norma Kaufman, & 

Miranda Weintraub


They can be reached by emailing

Let's Celebrate!!!
CNS 25th Anniversary Gala!!

CNS Building


Spring 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of our kehillah kedoshah - our sacred Netivot Shalom community! There will be a 25th Anniversary Gala celebration on 


Sunday, June 15th, 2014 at our home on University Avenue. 


Please save the date.


Kol tuv, 

Carol Cunradi

Mary Breiner

Carole Baden


25th Anniversary Gala Committee Co-Chairs

Meeting Minutes!
Board Meeting Minutes can be found here: 
Celebrating a Simcha? 


When was the last time you had a simcha that was celebrated at CNS?   Have you recently celebrated a birthday, anniversary, birth, or perhaps a new job?  These and other life events are wonderful occasions to financially support our home.  Amounts don't matter, because every dollar counts.  You can make a donation by clicking here

Executive Director Search

Adar II 5774 //  Mar 2014 
Shalom Chaverim,


I am excited to announce that our Executive Director search is well underway.  We have assembled an amazing team of passionate and caring community members.  The Executive Director Search committee members are:


Michal Longfelder

Lisa Rappaport

David Radwin

Mark Priven

Howie Miller

Debby Graudenz

Jenni Mangel

Michael Tarle (Chair)


Although we have posted the job description (click here for the job description), we need your help getting the word out about this amazing opportunity!  Please distribute the job description to your friends, family, colleagues, or professional/social groups!  Feel free to email the search committee at with any questions or job inquires.


Michael Tarle


Thank You!



Michael Tarle, President

CNS Board of Directors

Congregation Netivot Shalom
Announcing our 2014 CNS Nominating Committee!!


The Board of Director's is proud to announce the 2014 CNS Nominating Committee! 

The members of the committee are:

Art Braufman
Mehgan Starkey
Josh Kirsh
Maia Singer
Marshall Platt
Hilary Kilimnik
Larry Hanover

Please make a point of saying hello to the committee! What's the nominating committee, you ask? The nominating committee works to find people who are ready to deepen their involvement with the community and step into some of the formal leadership roles that help keep our community running and thriving. The committee is charged with proposing a slate of candidates for all open leadership positions.  The slate will then be voted on at our annual meeting in November.

You can email the Nominating Committee at

Stepping into a leadership position is a great way to get more engaged with the community, and can be deeply rewarding. There are positions for a variety of skill sets.  We also welcome questions from people who would like more information, or who are contemplating throwing their hat in the ring but are not yet sure.  The slate of open positions will be published shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you!
The Board of Directors of Congregation Netivot Shalom
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