Two New Adult Classes with CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin!

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Two New Adult Classes with

CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin!


with CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin

3 Tuesday evenings, June 24, July 1, July 8

Free of charge


Biblical Ideas of Justice. What is justice? How do we create a just society? What morality animates the later books of the Bible? In this three part course, we will examine various stories in the Prophets and the Writings that explore the Divine mandate we have to build a better world.


Participants are asked to register with Daniel in the Netivot Shalom office at




an after-Birkat HaMazon text-based conversation with CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin

Shabbat, July 12 (approx. 1pm)


What responsibilities do we have for those in our community? How far do those responsibilities extend? How should those obligations extend in our lives? From the Torah onwards, Jews have been instructed to create sacred communities of inclusivity, compassion, and concern for those in our midst. Come and explore Biblical & Rabbinic texts that address the personal obligation to build with and for others.


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