Mar 24, 2015

12 Years a Slave at 10,000 Feet [a #poem]

12 Years a Slave at 10,000 Feet [a #poem]
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

can't live with my eyes
forced them open
blinked back blinding tears
witnessed degradation reenacted
on a screen at 10,000 feet.

a black man
stolen, beaten,


suddenly a hand on my shoulder.
"would you like something to drink, sir?"
i look up into her smiling, friendly face.
her black face.

pressed pause.

though the distance
between real and act was clear
they also suddenly merged,
and i felt ashamed to ask
for anything.

forced myself to breathe and act normal,
to ask, to request
- not ordered, not that word - 
a drink.

stared at that ginger ale in shock,
couldn't drink it
just watched it sit there.

hot, horrified tears on my cheeks.
forced myself to look up
pressed pause again.

The Doctor's Torah: A Poem

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