Mar 25, 2015

The Internal Sin of Jewish Demonization

The Internal Sin of Jewish Demonization
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Friends, I feel the need to share what I've felt is a demonizing of AIPAC and those of us (including me) who are active leaders with AIPAC, people who resonate with (and are active activists for) deep progressive values and human rights. It is as if some believe there can't be a world where those who lobby for US funding of Iron Dome (AIPAC did/does, J-Street didn't/doesn't) can't be on the same team as those who challenge the occupation (J-Street did/does, AIPAC didn't/doesn't). 

Also, no one in the demonize-AIPAC camp ever mentions that AIPAC LOST ALL OF SHELDON ADELSON'S FUNDING because AIPAC WOULDN'T make a statement IN SUPPORT OF THE SETTLEMENTS IN THE WEST BANK. There is a disease in the Jewish world, where each side accuses the other of not listening, and thereby of being devoid of the values that - at their core - unite us all as lovers of Israelis and of Palestinians,of Jews and Muslims. 

We are strong and deep enough to envision and build a world where Zionism's nobility is rediscovered and cherished by those discontent with its very human failings, where Palestine is led by statesmen who raise up all people, Palestinians and Israelis. 

The ongoing mutual distrust within the Jewish People is a sin no one should continue committing.

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