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Purim 5770 at CNS!

PuRim @ CNS 5770!
(Shabbat/Saturday Evening, Feb. 27th & Sunday Feb 28)

Purim 5770 at Netivot Shalom is going to be a blast!  See below for the Purim schedule and for fun resources for adults and kids!  As the Mitzvot of Purim are hearing the Megillah, giving Matanot La'evyonim (gifts for the needy), and sharing Mishloach Manot (sharing food with others), please consider:
  • Bringing boxes of Kosher pasta to use as graggers for Megillah reading, which can then be deposited into our shul's collection box for the Alameda Food Bank, and
  • Giving Tzedakah to strengthen the Masorti Movement's Social Justice efforts in Israel.
For more online resources to help you prepare for Purim, see the links below!    Chag Purim Sameach!
PuRim Events @ CNS 5770!

Shabbat Afternoon* at 5:30PM: On Saturday, February 27th we will be serving a Seudah Shlishit, the third meal of Shabbat, from 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm.   
Reservations for your Shabbat dinner can be emailed to Rachel at  Please confirm your reservation by pre-paying for your Seudah Shishlit meal by sending in your payment to shul or go to our website and make your payment there.  The cost is $12/adult and $6/child and please be sure to mark your payment for "Seudah Shlishit" in the memo line. 

*Please Note:We will not arrive in costume during Shabbat, but will have them with us, ready for the transition that Havdallah marks between Shabbat and Purim!
Ma'ariv will take place at 6:30pm, after which we will make Havdallah at 6:45pm.  After Havdalah, please join us at Cafe Shushan for cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks (for purchase) and hamantaschen! 
Megillah Reading & Festivities will take place at 7:00 pm.  Childcare will be available from 7pm-9pm for Kindergarten and under, and for 1st-5th Graders.  Older children must remain supervised by an adult. Megillah readers this year are Judy breakstone (Ch. 1),  David Mostardi (Ch. 2), Joel Siegel (Ch. 3 & 7),  Sol Weingarten (Ch. 4),  Claire Sherman (Ch. 5 & 6), Rabbi David Winston (Ch. 8,9,10).

The CNS Jazz-Klez band will play following Megillah reading (approx. 9pm) to continue the fun!

Sunday, February 28th @ 9:30am: Purim Shacharit/Megillah Reading.  Join us Purim Day!

also on Sunday: Purim Carnival at the JCC of the East Bay!

Cosponsored by Jewish Gateways and Congregation Beth El.  FREE!
    • 2-3pm Purim puppets, songs, and stories for young children
    • 2-4:30pm Carnival booths, games, face painting, hamentaschen, bouncy house, magician, crafts, & more! Make mischloah manot (Purim baskets) for members of our community
    • 4:30-5pm Come in costume for the costume parade, followed by our Purim Spiel (a comic retelling of the story of Purim!)
PuRim Resources for Adults and Kids!

Purim for KIDS!
Play a Purim word search game online
Listen to the Chag Purim song
Visit the Babaganewz website filled with Purim activities

Purim for ADULTS!
  - "Purim: Themes and Theology" (myjewishlearning)
  - "Order and Chaos" (
  - "Eat, Drink, and Be Holy" (

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

To join Rabbi Creditor's email list, send a blank email to

Congregation Netivot Shalom | 1316 University Avenue | Berkeley | CA | 94702

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