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[Shefa] Conservative Movement Web Content - Lets Bring it to the Congregants!

Dear Chevreh -

just a quick pre-Shabbat note:  I'm so excited. 

Dahlia's correct - a few years ago, a grassroots group of Shefaniks, self-affirming Conservative Jewish believers, who each brought incredible technical skill and passion to the table, created  They, after serious lobbying with the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism (LCCJ), were invited to present their work as the new universal CJ portal.  When they showed up, there wasn't a computer with a projector set up, and they weren't treated well in general.  Their site, along with the influence it had on speeding up the institutional-creation (just take away the hyphen) and, demonstrates the potential that we've always had as a grassroots network of caring Conservative Jews.

I'm excited because this is a chapter in Conservative Jewish history that is closed.  New leadership and an economic situation have inherited an obviously dysfunctional system and are trying to do better than repair it.  Hayom's vision is prodding/supporting USCJ's highest level strategic concerns (some of the players are also on Shefa, and are speaking this coming week about ideas that are emerging and transforming thanks to the shefa-conversation taking place).

I'm excited because many of the strategic leaders of the Conservative/Masorti Movement have subscribed in recent months to the Shefanetwork, where all these ideas are being shared and collaborated upon.  Just read the last three ShefaJournals ( and you'll see that the emerging movemental conversation is being supported (sometimes excplicitly) by our egalitarian network of dreamers/activists,

We are part of nothing less than a rebirth of the vital center of the Jewish People, a rebirth that will touch, if our collective work is embraced and nourished, untold numbers of people who either already call Conservative/Masorti Judaism their home, or who will want to because of how beautiful and tended our sacred communities are. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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