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[Shefa] online CJ materials and an invitation

Dear Chevreh,

In light of Avi, Fred, and Karla's emails - I just wanted to make sure people have surfed around the entirely redesigned website, which includes links to online CJ audio Torah, dozens of Conservative rabbis' and lay members' blog sites with online commentaries, holiday resources and lifecycle resources, etc... 

And here's an idea/invitation - USCJ's COMPACT, compiled by Rabbi Edelman, was an interesting collection of (mostly) Conservative Jewish material based around the calendar - are there Shefaniks interested in creating a collection of CJ Torah for Pesach?  We have an old one, in blog-form, from Shavuot 2006, and it would be great to take the COMPACT project and make it completely grassroots, Shefa-style.  Purim's a bit too close to accomplish this well, but if someone is interested in creating the first ShefaNetwork Pesach Collection, that would be a great and useful project.  

A rough Shefa Pesach site is already in formation, and this new project would bring the world of CJ Torah which is magnificent but scattered into accessible form and sharper focus.

Any takers?  Let me know.

kol tuv,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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