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Rabbi Yonina Creditor: A Misheberach For Veterans

A Misheberach For Veterans
© Rabbi Yonina Creditor

To the one who blessed our ancestors,
Abraham and Sarah,
Isaac and Rebecca,
Jacob, Leah and Rachel,

Bless ____________________ (Name, rank, branch of the military) and all of those who have served this country in the armed forces.

Bless them for their unselfish service as they defended freedom around the world,
Stood up for those who could not do so themselves,
Protected the innocent and defenseless,
Through combative or non-combative posts,
By air, by land and by sea.

Bless them with peace,
healing the wounds that we can see and those we cannot.

Bring them comfort, knowing their actions
brought peace and security to those who had none.

May they see the pride that fills our eyes when we look at them as veterans, the honor we have of having their presence with us today as symbols of the embodiment of what it means to be an American Jew.

May God guard them, bless them and keep them in peace, just as they brought peace to others.

And let us say, Amen.

Rabbi Yonina Creditor
Interim Associate Rabbi
Congregation Beth Am
Longwood, FL
Chaplain, USNR
(804) 337-7594

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