Jan 31, 2013

said simply: gun violence in america is a problem. we all agree about that.

said simply: gun violence in america is a problem. we can all agree about that.
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

The last thing in the world we should want is uniformity: theological, ideological, or other. That kind of fundamentalism is a destructive force, is the worst part of religion, of politics, of philosophy. The world needs safe places for measured conversations, where "one side" truly listens to "the other side." As compromise is the art of the possible, none of the measures we might accomplish as a country responding to gun violence will include everything anyone champions, nor will "purists" feel satisfied by the likely results ahead. But we should not sacrifice the good we can do on the altar of the perfect we can't yet reach. Said simply: Gun Violence in America is a Problem. We can all agree about that. We might not all agree about how to respond, but we must all agree that we must respond.

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