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Tell VP Biden: Don't leave our cities behind

Dear Friend,

Tell Vice President Biden to remember our cities!

Ask him to include in his proposal targeted urban violence prevention policies (such as the highly regarded Boston Ceasefire model) that have been proven to reduce murder rates.

President Biden is putting the finishing touches on his proposal to address gun violence. Without hearing from the faith community, I fear that his recommendations to the President will leave behind the communities that are hardest-hit by gun violence:  poor neighborhoods in our nation's largest cities.

Last week, I joined eleven other faith leaders at the White House to meet with the Vice President. I shared with the group that as a pastor who has buried too many young people, I believe it is essential that any plan include targeted violence prevention policies (such as the highly regarded Boston Ceasefire model) that have been proven to reduce murder rates.

Will you join me in urging Vice President Biden to include targeted urban gun violence prevention efforts in his proposal to President Obama?

We must acknowledge that while we all face too high a risk of becoming victims of gun violence, the reality is that gun deaths in our country are disproportionately concentrated in a relatively small number of urban and poor neighborhoods. 

This is a moment to unite the pain of all families in our country – white, black, rich, poor, in the cities or in the suburbs - who have had their lives devastated by gun violence. 

Scripture says to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. We as a nation are in mourning. Vice President Biden's recommendations can help heal our nation, but only if they speak to mourning in Aurora and Chicago, Columbine and Camden, Newtown and Detroit.  

Please help me encourage the Vice President to remember those who live in our cities as he works on a plan for a safer America.

With faith and hope,

Rev. Michael McBride,
Lifelines to Healing Campaign
PICO National Network

P.S.   Messages of support from people of faith calling for this approach could make the difference! Please send your message to Vice President Biden and then, forward this on to friends and family and urge them to take action, too.

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