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Fair Trade Chocolate You CAN Eat on Passover!!!


Fair Trade Chocolate You CAN Eat on Passover!!!

We received word (Friday, 3/15) from Rabbi Aaron Alexander, Associate Dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University, that "Equal Exchange pareve chocolates (the 3.5 oz. or 100 g line and dark chocolate minis) may be purchased before Passover and consumed on Passover". These products are also vegan, soy and gluten free. For people following Conservative halacha, products must be in the house the day before Passover, prior to Bedikat Chametz.
These products include:
  • Organic Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar
  • Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bar
  • Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Organic Mint with a Delicate Crunch Bar
  • Organic Orange Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Organic Very Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Minis

With deep appreciation to Rabbi Menachem Creditor (Congregation Netivot Shalom, Berkeley, CA) who initiated the conversation and Rabbi Tuvia Hod of Kosher Germany (Equal Exchange's Kosher ceritfier)
You can find this chocolate in many Whole Food Stores, food coops, and natural food stores, or you can order it directly from Equal Exchange. Although they guarantee that you'll receive your order within 10 business days, to discuss expedited shipping options, please call Equal Exchange's Customer Service dept. before 1 pm EDT, on Wed. March 20th, at 774-776-7366, to ensure that the bars will be in your home by the first night of Pesach.
FTJ worked with Rabbi Menachem Creditor to offer this inspiring kavanah:
Every generation learns that things are more than they seem. This chocolate I hold is more than just chocolate. This is a symbol of potential freedom, a realization that foods that give me delight can be made without child labor. Joy need not be accompanied by pain or oppression. May I experience the sweet flavor of this gift as a hint of the freedom that birthed it. May the world know liberation, one person at a time, mindful act by mindful act, until all people are free.
Other Fair Trade Passover Resources can be found here:
Other resources about Chocolate and Child labor can be found here:
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