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Fair Trade Passover Chocolate is already sold out!

from CNS's Amitim (Bnei Mitzvah) Class:
Fair Trade Passover Chocolate is already sold out!
Dear Friends,

We are moved to report that we sold all of our Fair Trade Kosher for Pesach chocolate in one day!!! It is so reassuring to see that a product that embodies the Jewish values of kashrut and justice is highly valued in our community. Thank you for adding your heart to the inspiring community Netivot Shalom has always worked to be.
All proceeds of this sale are directed towards organizations that combat the issue of child slavery in today's world. By supporting this effort, we have, as a whole community, participated in the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam -- Repairing the World. Our Amitim students should feel proud of what they've helped us all do. 
Since all funds to purchase the chocolate go directly to the anti-slavery organizations, any help toward covering the $360 cost of the Amitim students' original commitment would be welcome. Please make any checks out to "Netivot Shalom" with "amitim chocolate" in the note. Todah!
If you would like to purchase Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate, it is available at Berkeley Bowl. Please note that only certain kinds of Fair Trade chocolate are Kosher for Passover. Thanks to the collaborative work of Fair Trade Judaica, in partnership with Equal Exchange, the following link contains all the information: 

Kol Tuv, and Kol haKavod!
Anthony Russell, Amitim Lead Teacher
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Anthony Russell, Lead Educator of Amitim
Congregation Netivot Shalom

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