Apr 11, 2014

Letter to the New York Jewish Week, RE: Stephanie Ive's "Why New Israel Fund Is Marching For Israel," April 11

Stephanie Ive's "Why New Israel Fund Is Marching For Israel," (April 11) eloquently articulated the textured Zionism I champion. I am a progressive Zionist who proudly supports both AIPAC and New Israel Fund as manifestations of Theodor Herzl's two-fold vision:1) securing international legitimacy for the right of the Jewish people to a state of our own (ie, AIPAC), and 2) deepening the life of our national home (ie, NIF). Having battled against BDS in Berkeley many times, I can truly say how profoundly grateful I am that NIF does its work to help more people say "yes to a better Israel."

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Congregation Netivot Shalom
Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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