Dec 14, 2010

Join the CNS World Wide Wrap! -- Feb. 6 @ 9am

Join the CNS World Wide Wrap!
Feb. 6 @ 9am

Have you always wondered why Jewish men and women wear leather straps and boxes during certain prayers?
Have you been meaning to learn how to lay tefillin, but just haven't had the chance?
Are you one of those people who is continually looking for opportunities to "get your tefillin on"?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then join us!  On Feb 6, Netivot Shalom will celebrate the mitzvah of tefillin by participating with groups from around the globe in the 11th Annual World Wide Wrap (the latest count is 6,489 participants!). 
  • 9AM - Why Tefillin?: A short learning and discussion session about the role of tefillin in Jewish prayer (lead by Justin Garland)
  • 9:20 AM - Laying Tefillin 101: A quick how-to guide for those who have never worn tefillin (lead by Art Braufman -- still to be confirmed)
  • 9:30 AM - Sunday Morning Minyan (tefillin optional)
  • 10:20ish/After minyan - the tefillin conversation continues over bagels and coffee.
This event co-sponsored by Menschen Men's Group, Amitim and the Ritual Committee .  For more info, contact Justin Garland at

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