Dec 22, 2010

Urgent Funding Request: Masorti Billboards and Bus Ads in Jerusalem

Dear Chevreh,

I am asking for your help.

There are many needs out there.  But this one represents a revolutionary and muscular PR effort from the Masorti Movement, one which has already created a stir in Israel.  I'm asking for your help so that it will successfully reach into and spark the imaginations of Israelis who have lost hope in a healthy Judaism.

This Masorti Billboards and Bus Ad Campaign was featured last night on Israeli TV (Channel 2).  We are hoping to come up with enough money to put up posters and billboards and ads on buses in Jerusalem and other locations.  The cost would be about $20,000.  

The billboards are a statement from Jewish tradition: "Torah that is not accompanied by a worldly trade will in the end amount to nothing and will lead one into sin."  There is a list of rabbis throughout Jewish history who worked in the world.  This is a challenge to those who believe that insularity and entitlement are Jewish values, and should be funded by Israel.  
I'm asking for your help.  Today.  We need it.

Please make your tax-deductible check out to "The Masorti Foundation" and send it to: 

Bay Area Masorti
c/o Rabbi Menachem Creditor
1316 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702

With your help, a vital, modern, pluralistic Judaism will gain strength in our home in Israel.  It's not too late to make this healthy dream a reality.

Todah Rabbah,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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