Dec 28, 2010

A Torah-True People

A Torah-True People
(C) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

What makes some stories so impactful is the sense that they matter. 

Characters who believe their actions will influence some sort of cosmic sequence reflect with intensity upon every choice.  We readers are privy to these internal realities/perceptions.  And, if it is a truly good story, we believe.

Torah is one such story, and the opportunity is before us to live lives worthy of its internal significance.  Every action before us carries destiny-influencing power. 

'Torah' means so much more than sacred text. 

When some refer to their lifestyles as 'Torah-true' they are demonstrating their internal sense of connectedness to history, power, and destiny.  The challenge before the Jewish People is whether the varying permutations of tradition (including even and especially the 'rebellious' strains) will sense and act in accord with their own significance to the cosmos.

This is an important story.  A well-told, urgent story of a People who are Torah, sometimes at its best and perpetually at its most fragile.