After Birkat HaMazon this Shabbat @cnsberkeley: "Sacred Fragments: Where Do We Put Our Broken Pieces?"

After Birkat HaMazon Learning this Shabbat @CNS:
"Sacred Fragments: Where Do We Put Our Broken Pieces?"
with Rabbi Menachem Creditor
after davening and kiddush (approx 1:15) this Shabbat at Congregation Netivot Shalom!

The story of this week's Torah Portion, Ki Tissa, includes the shattering by Moses of the first "copy" of the Ten Commandments in reaction to the episode of the Golden Calf. But what happened to those sacred fragments? Every response to this question points to a possibility within the Human Heart, and offers its own blessings and challenges. Anger, despair, and pain are hard to contain. And yet, when we are whole, we include them all. Can we learn how from Jewish tradition and this week's parsha? Join the conversation, and we'll see! 

A Note: This conversation will be based on the contributions of Vicky Kelman and Michella Ore to "Paths of Torah," the award-winning book of Torah commentary written by members of Congregation Netivot Shalom. (Copies of "Paths of Torah" are available in the shul office and at Afikomen Judaica during regular hours.)

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