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Conference for Rabbis serving Small Congregations

The Coalition for Small Conservative Congregations
in partnership with the Rabbinical Assembly
Presents our third annual
Conference for Conservative Rabbis Serving Small Congregations
[formerly known as the "Size Matters" Conference]

JUNE 2-4 (Sunday - Tuesday) in Wilmette, Illinois
Only $150 - registration includes all meals

In this era of shrinking, merging, and vanishing congregations, effective fundraising has become an even more critical part of the rabbi's toolkit. We may have fewer households and perhaps have fewer large donors than larger congregations, but we most likely have strong personal relationship with virtually every one of our members. Nevertheless, asking people for money is hard for many of us, or so we have read in the conference evaluations for the past two years. This year's Size Matters conference will focus on developing fundraising skills.
The Size Matters conference - organized by rabbis in small congregations for rabbis in small congregations – is three days of amazing personal and professional growth in a friendly and supportive environment with rabbis just like you. Those who attended in past years all left excited and reenergized to serve their congregations, inspired both by new ideas and new friends.
In addition to our keynote speakers, we will have several sessions devoted to sharing professional resources and programming ideas, as well as a session of inspiring limmud.

Hope to see you in June!


Keynote Speakers
Marilyn Kohn
Marilyn F. Kohn, vice chancellor and chief development officer of The Jewish Theological Seminary, has been a development professional for 30 years. She has directed and worked with fundraising teams for a variety of organizations, large and small, including serving as director of Principal Gifts at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Associate Dean of External Relations and Development of Columbia Business School. Prior to that, she served as vice president of Caesar & Washburn Incorporated, consulting with clients such as CancerCare, Facing History and Ourselves, Jewish Home and Hospital, Ms. Foundation, and Victim Services.

Sheldon Moss
Sheldon Moss is currently the Senior Major Gifts Officer of the Chicagoland Jewish High School. For over 18 years, he was the Midwest Director of the Jewish Theological Seminary, conducting fundraising and educational events with over 35 congregations, large and small, in the region. He has also spent time in Israel and the United States fundraising for Boy's Town Jerusalem, helping students orphaned as a result of Israel's wars.

  • Program sharing and networking sessions
  • Limmud, with our colleague Ken Berger

The conference will be held June 2-4, at Beth Hillel Congregation Bnai Emunah (3220 Big Tree Lane, Wilmette, Illinois 60091). It is open to all rabbis serving in 'A' & 'B'-sized Conservative congregations. The cost is $150 and includes kosher meals. Deadline for registration is Friday, May 17.

Registration information:

QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact the organizers of Size Matters:
David Krishef (
Michael Friedland (

 Rabbi David J.B. Krishef
 Congregation Ahavas Israel,  2727 Michigan St. NE,  Grand Rapids, MI  49506-1297
Voice -  616-949-2840  fax - 616-949-6929 twitter - ahavasisraelgr
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Mission Statement of Congregation Ahavas Israel:
Congregation Ahavas Israel creates a vibrant egalitarian Conservative Jewish community helping each individual follow his/her spiritual path using traditional Jewish practice.

Vision Statement:

To create connections between individuals in our Jewish community through religious, educational, and social programs that attract participation of all our members.

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