Jewish Musical Concert in Oakland this Sunday! "Simply Tsfat!!!!"

Jewish Musical Concert in Oakland this Sunday!
Simply Tsfat 
Sunday, March 3rd at 6:30pm
Oakland Hebrew Day School
(5500 Redwood Road, Oakland, CA 94619)
For more details, call 510-531-8600, ext. 26
Sponsored by Reuven Kahane and Michelle Kahane-Taragin in loving memory of their father, Rabbi David B. Kahane z"l 

Join us for a captivating musical concert.  Simply Tsfat offers a joyful blend of Traditional, Folk, Rock and Klezmer music! Three Breslev Chassidim, 2 Americans and one Israeli, 2 guitars and one violin. Our aim is to spread the joy and inspiration of Breslev Chassidim and to bring a breath of fresh air to you, from our home, the mystical city of Tsfat, the home of the Kabbalah.

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