Jan 3, 2010

Blog-Post from Rabbi Josh Cahan: "Indie minyaners: Where do we go next?"

Blog-Post "Indie minyaners: Where do we go next?"
Rabbi Josh Cahan

One of the issues I hope to address in this blog is the looming question of the next stage for the members of Independent Minyanim. With all of the fanfare and newspaper coverage, and even a conference and a sociological study, we hear a lot about the successes of these minyanim. We are also aware that most of them are driven by a narrow demographic – singles and young families, mostly 20s and 30s. The young demographic is related to (part cause, part effect) three other aspects of these minyanim: most are "lay-led" (I'll have more to say about the deceptive nature of that term later); in high-rent urban areas; and not encumbered by celebrations for people who aren't already firmly part of the community. But it's not only the critics who know that this is transient – many of us are now starting families and looking for the place we're going to settle down. [click here for more]

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