Jan 28, 2010

Hannaton Happenings

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HANNATON       Educational and Spiritual Center
January 2010, Shvat 5770                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 1

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Welcome to the first e-newsletter from the Hannaton Educational and Spiritual Center.  We have been busy during the past few months hosting groupsmaking light renovations,  and planning for exciting upcoming retreats and future programming.  We look forward to continue updating you on such activities.  Our vision is that the Hannaton Educational and Spiritual Center will be recognized and respected as a meaningful and essential link the in the chain of Jewish revival and survival through its efforts in strengthening the Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist identities as individuals, as a society, and as a people.

Wishing you a Happy Tu B'Shvat from the Galilee!

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Groups We Hosted this Past Month!          


Meet our Staff    

yoavheadshot.jpg(Each month we will feature another staff member from the Hannaton Educational and Spiritual Center.) 

Rabbi Yoav Ende, ordained by the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem in 2008, is the director of the Hannaton Educational and Spiritual Center and is spearheading the revival at  Kibbutz Hannaton.  He and his wife, Shira, are the proud parents of three children, Tomer, Elah and Itai. Read more...

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Upcoming Retreats 

Groups We Hosted 

Facelift at Hannaton 

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Meet our Staff 


Facelift at Hannaton

The ONLY mikveh in the State of Israel not under the auspices of the Orthodox rabbinate is located on Kibbutz Hannaton. 

Light renovations are being made at the mikveh, including demolishing some walls in order to expand the building for educational programming.


 The dream is to turn this building into a pluralistic Life Cycle Center for all Israelis and visiting Diaspora Jews. 


Much more work needs to be done and we are looking for your support.

(Please, e-mail Shira Taylor Gura, Resource Development coordinator, for more information).

In the Press

A number of articles have recently been published about Kibbutz Hannaton. 

* Ben Harris
, of JTA, recently visited Hannaton and
wrote in his blog about the revitalization of the kibbutz. 
* Rabbi Haviva Ner-David is
writing a monthly column in the Jerusalem Post about her move to Kibbutz Hannaton. 
NPR recently wrote an article about the revitilization of kibbutzim in Israel, including Hannaton. 

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We thank you for helping us continue our important work!


The Educational and Spiritual Center at Hannaton
D.N. Ha-movil

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