Jan 4, 2010

now available: a new edition of Vaani T’fillati, the Masorti Siddur!

the masorti (conservative) movement in israel - promoting religious pluralism and building community through inclusive, traditional, egalitarian Judaism
A Message From Rabbi Alan Silverstein
I have seldom, if ever, written a message to colleagues that has given me greater pleasure than this one.
 Over the last few years, Masorti leadership in Israel has worked to produce a new edition of Vaani T'fillati, the movement's own siddur. What they have produced is so special, it has already attracted and excited Israelis with no connection to Masorti.
Vaani T'fillati, Siddur Yisraeli, is beautifully designed. It includes commentary for those less familiar with the structure of t'filla, modern Israeli poetry and special brachot for events, such as making aliya or entering the IDF. What makes it even more special for many of us in the RA is that because of the generosity of family and friends, Vaani T'fillati is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Albert Lewis, z"l, who for 60 years, served Temple Beth Shalom in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and served as RA President and a practical rabbinics faculty member at JTS.
Just before Vaani T'fillati was to be printed, it was shown to Yedioth Books, an affiliate of Yedioth Ahronoth and YNET, and the publisher (who I am told is himself Orthodox) fell in love with it. The result was an agreement whereby Yedioth Books became the official publisher of Vaani T'fillati and the siddur is now in bookstores throughout Israel and is widely available to the general public.
To listen to the radio and campaign for Vaani T'fillati, click here:
We hope you will want to purchase your own copy of Vaani T'fillati, and an order form is attached, below.
If you can encourage bulk purchases for Hebrew Schools or Day Schools or a group of knowledgeable adults, significant discounts can be arranged.
If you have any questions, you may contact me or David Lissy, executive director & CEO of the Masorti Foundation, at either dlissy@masorti.org or 212-870-2216.
With joy and pride,
Rabbi Alan Silverstein
Board Chair, Masorti Foundation
Vaani T'fillati, Siddur Yisraeli Order Form
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Price is $30 per siddur, plus shipping and handling
We will generally be shipping the siddurim via UPS. Price varies based on destination.
Discounts available for orders of 10 or more copies
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Please send all checks and completed forms to:
Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 832 
New York, NY 10115-0122
P: 212-870-2216
F: 212-870-2218

To learn more, please contact:
Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 832
New York, NY 10115-0068
(212) 870-2216; 1-877-287-7414
http://www.masorti.org/; info@masorti.org

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