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"A Prayer for the People of Haiti" by Rabbi Naomi Levy

A Prayer for the People of Haiti

by Rabbi Naomi Levy

We pray for Haiti.

Our hearts are breaking, God.

The human mind cannot grasp the enormity of the loss.

The cries echo through the universe.

Innocent blood is calling us

To rise up from our heartbreak and act.

We pray for Haiti.

Help us, God,

To understand that destruction can come in a moment

But healing may take a lifetime.

Teach us perseverance, teach us dedication.

We pray for Haiti.

God of the weak, God of the broken-hearted,

God of the living, God of the dead,

Send healing to Haiti.

Send hope to the children who are lost and alone,

Send strength and resilience to the wounded,

And comfort to the grieving. 

Fill the leaders of Haiti with the wisdom to raise their country up.

Fill relief workers with resolve.

Bless the doctors and nurses with the power

And the skill to save as many lives as possible.

Open their eyes, steady their hands.

We pray for Haiti.

Bless us, God,

Work through us.

Remind us that every one of us is filled with the power to heal.

Do not let the passage of time lead us to indifference.

Open our hearts, open our hands.

We pray for Haiti.

Let all nations unite as one in a time of reconstruction and repair.

Raise up the people of Haiti, God, out of helplessness and despair.

Teach them to believe

That cities shall be rebuilt on their ruins

That the cries of the children will soon return to laughter.

Be with them, God, watch over them.

And gather the souls of the dead

Whose homes and schools became their graves

Into Your eternal shelter,

Let them find peace in Your presence, God.

We pray for Haiti.


Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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