Jan 7, 2010

Help Put the Conservative Movement Van Leer Conference on-line

Dear Chevreh,

My friend and teacher Rabbi Carl M. Perkins is leading an effort toward the goal of raising sufficient funds to put the sessions from the recent Van Leer conference on the Conservative/Masorti Movement on-line.  This is an important step forward, both because it continues the public offering of high level discourse from within our Movement, and it also demonstrates that when something worthwhile arises in the Conservative Movement (such as this or Magen Tzedek), we know how to mobilize, advocate, and fundraise.  Rabbi Perkin's letter is below, and I hope many Shefaniks step forward to support this effort.

Kol Tuv,

-----------------from Rabbi Carl M. Perkins----------------------------

Most of us have had to rely on impressions shared by colleagues and journalists and friends who were at the Van Leer conference on Conservative Judaism.  Wouldn't we all rather listen to (and watch) them ourselves?  The Institute has agreed to put the sessions on-line if we can raise $3,000 to cover the cost.  If you are interested in joining me and about a minyan of rabbis who have already expressed willingness to contribute $100 to make this happen, please email me back at rabbiperkins@templealiyah.com
Rabbi Carl M. Perkins
Temple Aliyah
1664 Central Avenue
Needham, MA 02492

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