Apr 19, 2021

James Baldwin has been speaking to me.


Over the last few months,
James Baldwin has been speaking to me.
I've been trying to hear, to listen,
to pause, significantly, before trying to relate.
He left home because the fury there felt like a threat.
Away, he discovered love of that furious home,
which is why it hurt him so deeply.
Some of his thoughts require no translation.
Some are of a language which will never be mine.
Yet he speaks to me.

- Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Apr 18, 2021

Judaism as an Essential Ingredient for a Healing World

Judaism for its own sake is a strange concept - in Jewish terms. We weren’t created simply to be. We were created to bring light into the world. During this time of global fragility what can we bring to the world that it doesn’t already have? What is our responsibility as Jews in the world?