Oct 27, 2021

**Very Special Announcement** Announcing the publication of A Year of Torah!

 **Very Special Announcement**

Announcing the publication of A Year of Torah!
(...& stay tuned for the Nov. 17 book launch invite!)

Friends, I am humbled to share with you all this huge moment in my life as a rabbi, as a Jew, as a person.
Beginning the morning of March 18, 2020, I began broadcasting a 15-minute daily opportunity on the UJA-Federation of New York FB page for the New York Jewish community to come together and start each day with learning and inspiration. Born as a timely, local response to the dislocating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, these broadcasts quickly grew into an sprawling online Jewish learning platform, engaging people from all around the globe, reaching as far as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Holland, England, India, Canada, and beyond. Regular participants became more than 'viewers' over the months; they coalesced into a new form of community, centered on sharing Torah and personal moments every day.
To mark the completion of learning the entire Torah together, I convened rabbinical students representing the amazing diversity of American Jewish expression to take two weeks of the broadcast and express the core ideas in their own voice, which I then edited into this special volume. This contemporary Torah commentary is testimony to the kind souls who turned screens into portals every day, and who built something sacred together during a very difficult time.
404 broadcasts later (we haven't missed a weekday since March 18, 2020!), I feel strengthened and blessed. Everyone is welcome to join the learning every 9am at https://www.facebook.com/ujafedny
My deep thanks to Jamie Weinstein, Marisa Camacho, and Hannah Barach, for supporting my work with such care and skill, and to the entire UJA-Federation of New York family for sharing in the work of caring for Jews everywhere and New Yorkers of all backgrounds, responding to crises close to home and far away, and shaping our Jewish future.
May the works of our hands and the meditations of our hearts find favor in Your Eyes, Holy One, and may we never slow down in our pursuit of a just and kind world.

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