Oct 27, 2016

the blessing of being a rabbi

Some days, the blessing of being a rabbi is so very clear.

Someone comes in to my office for a morning meeting. They are a recently joined-member. Officially, it's a conversation about shul programming, so we dwell on that topic. I share the ins and outs of shul history, demographic trends, opportunities for involvement. We discuss our different and overlapping interests in fields of Jewish learning. 

And then. It happens. A pause.

That pause happens sometimes, the kind of quiet, pregnant pause that indicates there's a deeper truth being shared. The feeling that just being in a safe, warm, sacred space matters. A lot.

Yes, this is as much as I can share about that.

But, once in a while, I hear in my memory the old canard: "Being a rabbi isn't a good job for a Jewish boy or girl."

I say this, from the grateful core of my being:

There is such good a rabbi gets to do in this world. What a blessing it is to be a rabbi.

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