Sep 24, 2021

We can bring God's Presence closer to this world through our actions . We are a channel for the divine. #ShabbatShalom #ChagSameach #Sukkot


#IronDome saved my life.

I'm a survivor of a terrorist missile strike. #IronDome saved my life. Thank you to every Congressperson who voted for its funding. Iron Dome saves lives - Israeli & Palestinian. The 9 votes against are the fringe who don't/won't understand. A shield means less death everywhere. Thank you Rep. Jamaal Bowman, for your vote to fund #IronDome. May this remarkable defensive technology be only one step in the direction of a lasting, equitable peace for Israelis and Palestinians. May the tools of war one day be strange relics in the eyes of our children's children.

Sep 20, 2021

Chag Sukkot Sameach, dear friends.


When the #Jan6 #Insurrection was perpetrated, I feared in the immediate for our elected leaders and for our democracy.

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When the #Jan6 #Insurrection was perpetrated, I feared in the immediate for our elected leaders and for our democracy. But I also feared that the terrible, violent attack would later be intentionally minimized and erased by those whose language has created opportunities for a constantly-present yet typically-constrained American fundamentalism. So I reached out to my friend, my colleague, Rabbi Jesse Olitzky, and together we compiled this collection of letters from American Rabbis to their synagogues on that day as testimony. Jewish history has tragically reinforced the biblical command to remember both the roots and branches of violence. We remember. We will not forget. And we will shine a light on this horrific moment in history with the realization that we otherwise doom our children to see it rise again. #Zachor

Sep 14, 2021

A Prayer for the New Year

Dear God,

May we learn/remember how
to open up our hearts and minds and souls.

May we reclaim the headlines
with the shocking good we'll do.

May our children inherit some good decisions
we'll make to offset our countless mistakes.

May we take really good care
of each other and heal this fragile world.


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