Nov 19, 2018

God have Mercy

God have Mercy...
4 more souls
ripped from this world
by a cascade of bullets

all in the presence of
what passes
in this world for

We seem to have none,
so dear God,
have Mercy
for us.

- Rabbi Menachem Creditor


Nov 13, 2018

here before: a poem for a world on fire

here before: a poem for a world on fire
© rabbi menachem creditor

we deserve better
every one of us
scarred scared sacred

i can't breathe
over and over we cry
be it air or arms
doing the choking

fire in our lungs, eyes, nose
ash in the burning sky
we've been here before

and, beloveds, in this
we take strange solace


we've been here before
and we're here today
crying ashen tears
fire in our eyes

ready to bring and be
that better world
full of the air
we all deserve

Nov 4, 2018

a prayer for getting up

a prayer for getting up
- rabbi menachem creditor

up from Shiva, not ready, it's too soon, my wounds are still raw and open, I can barely see through my tears, but there's no time for grief (MygriefOurgrief)...

up from Shiva, commanded to walk back into the world, compelled to breathe, to see (seenoticewitness), to stand up (votemarchorganize), legs so shaky...

up from Shiva, excruciatingly aware: the world has changed. ButAnd in two days, two todays, Tuesday...

... we walk with bloodied feet to say enough to the willing slaughter of our nation's soul and children.

Beloveds, Shiva is over.
Get up, I tell myself (and you).
Vote your grief.

(P.S. God, are You there? Quick update: This existence You Birthed is exceedingly hard, and meanness seems closer than kindness between human beings some days. I'm grateful for life, for the changing leaves, for my children's lives, for my People, for people. And many of us feel very alone, and not so sure about the good things lasting in safety. All's not well down here. But we're determined to help, some in Your Holy Name, some because You seem a bit absent from the eyes of many humans recently. Maybe it's time for a little more Directed Love to pour out from heaven? Thought You should know we're here, hoping for more.)

#BuildOnLove #prayer #GetUp #hope #amen

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