Jan 10, 2024

Am Yisrael Chai: Essays, Prayers, and Poems (Volumes One and Two)


Am Yisrael Chai is a Two-Volume emergency response anthology of voices from all over the world, grieving and writhing from the horrors perpetrated upon the State of Israel on Simchat Torah 5784, October 7, 2023. Unfathomably terrible images are now forever emblazoned in our eyes, spread through social media where children have seen them as well. We bear witness. We must. This is a book of testimony and recollection, response and prayer. In the immediate aftermath of trauma, one cannot be expected to be thoughtful, mindful, creative. And yet this Two-Volume collection of soulful and eloquent expressions of pain and Global Jewish Solidarity makes the choice of title for this collection even more clear, and emphatic: Am Yisrael Chai! (Reviewed at JewishForwardJewishSF)

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