Sep 21, 2022

Cherishing the Gift of Today #Nitzavim #RoshHashanah #Hayom #Broadcast638

A Mini-Selichot

A Mini-Selichot
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

God, forgive us, but please help us surpass the pre-written stuff. Remind us to believe in our own living hearts and mouths and souls.

Hear us when we speak.
Comfort us when we cry.
Guide us when we stray. 

God, please forgive us for the things we did wrong and were brave enough to name, strong enough to own, and hopeful enough to see past.

May the coming year find us ready to be our full size, strong and brave and hopeful, alive and healthy and safe.

May the coming year be a good one.

For everyone, Dear God, for everyone.


Sep 16, 2022

Just for a Moment

Just for a Moment
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor 

A good story gives us a hint
of the happy ending
but then whisks it away
with a giant or a curse
or a virus or a fire.

After all,
ever after isn't forever.
Not in a real story.
It just means time.

But, Dear God,
our story has had too much
of fiery sky and flooded ground,
and the hint of the happy
is washed and burned, 
feels so very faded,
and we need more
rainbow skies and dewy ground,
to remind us of the happy. 

So, Holy One, 
just for a moment,

let lovers find each other, 
let friends forgive,
let our souls heal, 
let love be the loudest sound our hearts make.
Just for a moment. 

Remind us of the promise
of a world reborn.

Or, perhaps,
You're the One who's waiting
to be reminded.

Remember to Play and Be in the Story #kitavo #ModehAni #VivianPaley #Play #TheBoyOnTheBeach #Torah

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