May 25, 2021

***CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS*** The Lonely Left: Exploring the complicated place of Progressive American Jewish Zionism


The Lonely Left: Exploring the complicated place of Progressive American Jewish Zionism

co-edited by Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Amanda Berman

It can be very lonely to stand in the world as an advocate for multiple commitments many consider incompatible. One such hybrid stance is Progressive Zionism, deemed racist by many American Progressives and considered suspect (or naïve) by many American Zionists. Those zero-sum approaches of extremist politics and "cancel culture" make even less imaginable a better day for Israelis and Palestinians, for Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews, and for Jewish Republicans and Jewish Democrats. Zionism commits to Theodor Herzl's two-fold vision: securing the right of the Jewish people to a state of our own AND building a national home worthy of Judaism's multi-millennia ethical legacy. The diverse voices collected in "The Lonely Left" explore the unique and often-lonely experience of American Jews within all the worlds they consider home.

Do you have something you’ve written that would fit this collection? If so, the deadline is #June15, and contributions of 500-700 (plus or minus) words IN .DOC FORMAT should be sent to thelonelyleft@gmail.com. Previously published material is welcome, including prayers, poems, and essays.

I couldn't possibly be happier! Sharing Torah this morning with my precious daughter Ariel! Together, we marked my 300th UJA-Federation of New York Morning Torah broadcast and shared Torah and a song we cowrote about standing up for what you believe! #ProudAbbah #BuildOnLove


May 24, 2021

Rabbi Menachem Creditor in conversation with Pardes Chief Vision Officer Rabbi Mike Uram: A Rabbi's Heart: Selected Writings (2006-2017)


North American Jewish Groups Denounce Antisemitic Attacks in Wake of Hostilities Between Israel and Hamas

North American Jewish Groups Denounce Antisemitic Attacks in Wake of Hostilities Between Israel and Hamas


As North American Jewish denominations representing a significant majority of American Jewry, we join together to uniformly condemn rising incidences of antisemitism. We commend the many religious, civil society and political leaders of goodwill who have denounced these actions and are urging and implementing step to strengthen efforts to combat antisemitism and antisemitic attacks.
The recent hostilities between Israel and Hamas have only heightened the concern about antisemitism throughout the Jewish community. Let us be clear: it is not antisemitic to criticize Israeli policies or to express solidarity with the cause of Palestinian rights. It is antisemitic to hold all Jews accountable for Israel’s actions, to deny Israel’s right to exist, or to assault Jews on any pretense.
The recent Pew study of Jewish Americans found that three-quarters of respondents believe there is more antisemitism in the U.S. today than there was five years ago. Vandalism at synagogues, Jewish community centers, and other Jewish institutions; verbal, written and social media diatribes against Jews; and physical assaults on Jewish Americans are all becoming more common.
We unequivocally reject the voices of those who would perpetuate anti-Jewish hatred at this moment or any other. There can be no excuse or acceptance of such behavior or viewpoint, especially in a democracy founded on principles of religious freedom.

Friends have shared in recent days that, given the 438% increase in antisemitism, they aren't sure about putting up a mezuzah or wearing a kippah. My response: Now, more than ever: Stand up as Proud Jews in the world! #IamaJew #AmYisraelChai


May 16, 2021

A Prayer for this Moment, Standing at the Mountain

A Prayer for this Moment, Standing at the Mountain 
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Dear, Holy One,
You, who abide
in the highest heights
and the innermost depths,
pour the best of You through the best of us.

We cannot stand at Your holy mountain,
if we ignore the terrain.
We cannot be of service to Your world
if we fail to find our balance.

And so we turn to You, Maker of Peace,
because the tremors below
are causing wide fissures between us.

I look East and see my child in danger.
I look East and see my parents running for cover.
I look East and see my sister and brother and their babies,
taking shelter as sirens blaze and rockets explode,
and, in this moment, I cannot see anything else.

This makes Your mountain even smaller,
but not small enough that I can recognize
my cousins on the other side,
separated from me by painful histories.
The rockets blind me to all we’ve shared.
But there they are, vulnerable and scared,
the worst of humanity holding them hostage, too.

As we pray to receive Your wisdom this holy, revelatory night,
what do we truly pray for our cousins to receive?
Destruction? A mountain over their heads?
What we do not wish for ourselves,
we must never wish upon our neighbors.

Though we know that defending our children, our parents, our families,
is right in Your eyes, we do feel the terrible cost, pulsing in the earth itself,
causing great tectonic collisions, opening great rifts between Your children
on the different sides of the mountain.

And so, Source of Life, we will do our very best
to forge a path up the mountain,
to see past its rocky border
and remember You too dwell in our cousins’ eyes.

May we only do what we must to protect ourselves,
until that great day when swords and rockets, war itself
will forever be banished from the land.

May all Your images lie down in safety,
ready to wake and rebuild our shared and fractured world.


May 2, 2021

Announcing New Dates on the A Rabbi's Heart #BookTour!

Announcing New Dates on the
A Rabbi's Heart
Dynamic conversations between author Rabbi Menachem Creditor and a diverse community of religious leaders celebrating the release of Rabbi Creditor’s newest book –
A Rabbi's Heart
, featuring selections of his writings during the eleven years between 2006-2017. The interchange of ideas during this sharing of time and heart will touch on issues of Social Justice, Zionism, America, Torah, and Spirituality and will inspire participants with a renewed appreciation of self, community, faith, and the world.
May 6, 1pm - Rabbi
Adina Lewittes
, #Shaar
May 11, 9pm - Rabbi Ken Chasen,
Leo Baeck Temple
May 13, 11am - Rabbi Mike Uram,
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
May 20, 12pm - Julia Knobloch, #Poet,
Rabbinical Student
June 1, 5pm - Rabbi Nicole Guzik,
Sinai Temple
June 3, 11am - Rabbi Daniel Gropper,
Community Synagogue of Rye
A Rabbi's heart is available on Amazon or at tinyurl.com/arabbisheart

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