Mar 13, 2023

VaYakhel-Pekudei: Our Third Siyyum of the Entire Torah! #Broadcast754

Today, the UJA-Federation of New York​ #MorningTorah community celebrated our third Siyyum! Three times through the entire Torah, as on March 18, 2020, we convened our 9am community online for the very first time, learning Parashat VaYakhel-Pekudei. We found each other, friends, we found each other. And we've learned every weekday - every single day - for 3 years. I invited this precious community to do four things to mark this momentous occasion: 1) don't stop learning! 2) share Torah with other 3) make a gift to UJA, with gratitude for launching this community, and 4) build community by showing up. Join us every weekday, as we begin a FOURTH cycle of Torah learning - you can find us at 9am (NY time) at https://www.facebook.com/ujafedny! #Shehechiyanu #Siyyum #SiyyumHaTorah #Broadcast754

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